Welcome to the FWD El Paso website.  This website has been developed to provide you with information about the consensus building process that will be used to develop the region’s demographic and economic forecasts.  These forecasts will be used to plan for the future of transportation in the El Paso Metropolitan Area.

The Forecast Workgroup for Demographics’ (FWD) El Paso project is sponsored by the El Paso Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), which is the regional transportation planning and programming agency for the El Paso metropolitan area.  The MPO’s coverage includes all of El Paso County in Texas, and the southern portions of Doña Ana and Otero Counties in New Mexico.  The MPO is responsible for developing the transportation plans that will program millions of dollars of federal and state funds into the construction and maintenance of the region’s transportation system.  Producing demographic and employment forecasts for the region is part of preparing these plans.

Forecasting population and employment change in the El Paso region is a challenging exercise, due to the sprawling nature of its development, the changing regional economy, and the evolving demographic make-up of the community.  Although no crystal ball exists for creating perfect predictions of the future, the construction of new transportation facilities, requires the best predictions possible, in order to serve the community and wisely spend public money.  Poor planning, based on inaccurate forecasts, can result in roads to nowhere, future grid-lock on existing roads, and missed opportunities to address roadway safety issues.

For these reasons, a firm understanding of newly emerging growth patterns in the El Paso Metropolitan Area is extremely important and the purpose of FWD El Paso is to use the wisdom and expertise of a broad range of community leaders to identify those emerging growth patterns and make predictions for the future needs of the community.