Guiding Principles

Destino 2045 Vision Statement

The purpose of a vision is to clearly describe a desired future for the region’s transportation system. The vision statement below took into consideration the visioning workshop evaluation criteria and the vision/goals created by the Horizon 2040 MTP.

To view or download the full Guiding Principles Memo, click here

Goals & Objectives

In general, goals provide broad statements about what the MTP is trying to achieve, and objectives establish specific measurable actions to achieve the stated goal.

Performance Measures

Performance measures are quantifiable indicators of whether policies/projects achieve desired outcomes set in place by the MTP. This creates an outcome-based system that allows the MPO to track transportation system performance as Destino 2045 projects are implemented.

The list below provides the performance measures used during the evaluation of alternatives to ensure that each project aligns with the MTP's set goals.

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